Mammograms and Dense Breasts = A Gap in our Breast Cancer Screening

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This is WHY we need Standardised Breast Density Notification for all Women.

After several years of Clear Mammograms, a 7cm, Stage 3C, Invasive Breast Cancer, discovered 6 months after a clear Mammogram. This led to 5 months of
Chemotherapy, Mastectomy, Axillary Node Clearance, Radiotherapy, Nerve Damage.

No mention of Breast Density was ever made until AFTER DIAGNOSIS

It’s a glaringly obvious failure on the part of our Breast Cancer Screening Services to communicate with Women about our Mammograms and what they reveal about our Breast Tissue and Breast Cancer risk.

If Breast Density had been acknowledged, recalls for additional imaging should have been made. The Tumour would have been found years earlier. Treatment would have been less Invasive. It was said that the Screening Mammogram, was ‘clear’ but the Breast Tissue was so Dense it masked the sizeable Tumour.

The Mammogram image was not Clear.

This Screening Mammogram missed a 3.8 cm Tumour
6 months later Diagnosed as a 7cm Invasive Breast Cancer

This is not an isolated incident. It’s happening every day in our Breast Cancer Screening Clinics. Women are not able to access their own Breast Density Information. It has to stop.

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