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Minister for Health cancerstrategy17

Dear Minister Simon Harris,

Please give Irish women access to their breast density levels. This information can be included in our BreastCheck mammogram result notification letters. It is a simple request, just tell us what our mammogram sees.

Written answer from Minister for Health, Simon Harris

Awareness is key and Irish women rely on our mammogram screening provider to share that awareness.

Your Cancer Strategy ’17 places a welome emphasis on cancer survivorship. You acknowledge that early detection is key to survivorship. By giving Irish women access to their mammogram report and informing them of their breast density levels you give them equal access and informed choice. Personalised breast screening is vital, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work.

Michele’s journey with Breast Density and what happened next

Breast Density is an independent risk factor for breast cancer.

Irish women want our Irish breast screening provider to inform them on breast density levels and advise them to seek supplementary screening, Ultrasound or MRI.

Finding cancer early is key to the most successful outcomes. Reduce late stage, interval breast cancers and mastectomies, increase awareness and early detection. Patient and provider communication is the way forward.

Please listen to us, help us to save our breasts, both breasts.

mammogram and #informwomen



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