Just say what you see – it is that simple 👭

Extension of screening services is a very welcome initiative in the new 10 yr Cancer Strategy announced today.

BreastCheck the National breast screening service currently offer women over 50 a free mammogram every 2 years. Unfortunately that offer does not extend to giving these women access to all the information from their mammogram report.

Breast density is an independent risk for breast cancer and can only be measured by mammography.  Ironically BreastCheck currently does not inform women of their Breast Density levels – WHY NOT? 

If you have Breast Density you need to know what level it is.

If you have moderate to high Breast Density you are at high risk of developing a breast cancer undetected by mammogram.

Click link below

Minister for Health Simon Harris introduces 10 year Cancer Strategy

Yes Minister, increase access to scanning services but please listen to Irish Women who want to save their Breasts – both Breasts 👭👭👭👭👭

It is really simple. Mammogram alone is just not always enough. Mammogram can identify and measure Breast Density.

Just say what you see, tell us what the mammogram sees, before we have to deal with the repercussions of what it didn’t see 👭👭

  • Give women their breast density information.
  • Give them awareness of the associated risk factors.
  • Allow women to make an informed decision on their Breast Screening needs.

Personalised breast screening protocols lead to early detection and less invasive treatment. #informwomen




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