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Please read and then ask at least one other woman to read and share this information

Know your Breast Density


Breast density increases your risk of developing Interval breast cancers (cancer found between screening mammograms) Interval cancers are generally later stage at diagnosis

Breast Density increases your risk of contralateral  (second breast) cancer

Breast density significantly reduces your chance of early detection by mammogram

Breast Density information is witheld from Irish women

“Digital mammography platforms do not provide a quantifiable measurement of breast density ”

Excerpt from written reply, Minister for Health, recent Dàil Question

Breast Density cannot be felt (it is not not the same as lumpy/cystic breast)

Breast Density is quantifiable by mammogram

Knowing your Breast density information could save your life

If you have a high level of Breast Density you should have supplementary breast screening, Ultrasound or MRI in addition to your Mammogram

Irish women want access to our written radiology reports, including our Breast density levels and information

#informwomen @breastdense http://www.beingdense.com


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