Make sure your mammogram follows you. Read and share πŸ‹πŸ‹


This is another read one share one, please share with at least one other woman.

Please read this and then share it with at least one other woman in your life πŸ‹πŸ‹


If you have had a mammogram in your 20s -30s or 40s it is likely to have been carried out in a hospital breastscreening facility. The radiology imaging and report findings will be kept by the radiology department of the hospital. Radiology reports and imaging are not routinely shared with patients.

Irish women aged 50 are generally encouraged to register for mammography screening with BreastCheck, the national breast screening service.

  • BreastCheck do not routinely access breast radiology reports from other screening centres. Your hospital mammogram result does not ‘follow’ you to BreastCheck.
  • BreastCheck do not produce or store any written radiology reports, ever!
  • The BreastCheck computer database does not connect to your hospital database.
  • BreastCheck have no protocol to inform you about breast density.
  • BreastCheck do not routinely offer ultrasound.

Your mammogram result should go where you go.

It is important to have regular mammograms but equally important to be your own advocate. Get copies of any other breast radiology reports. Ask for a report on your breast density. Stay informed and ask questions.





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